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Landline: 01206890997

Mobile:    07717134153

Recycling and Waste Disposal


If you would like to dispose of asbestos we can arrange this for you as long as you notify us prior to ordering a skip from us. Asbestos is a building insulation material that was used before 1970's. There are 3 types: white, blue and brown. Removal of asbestos can disturn the fibers of which it is made. These fibers can be harmful if they are breathed in. You should always wear facemark and gloves when handling asbestos. Should you require asbestos removal, we can arrange a 3rd party contact for you to discuss your needs directly with them. The cost or the work carried out will not be in any form connected to Core Fusion Skip Hire

Clinical Waste

Currently we are unable to recycle clinical waste so please avoid disposing of it in our skips. Items that are considered clinal waste-  nappies, sanitary waste and medical supplies have the potential to be infectious so must be disposed of using special methods.

Plastic, Paper, Wood, Soil, Metal

All of the above we are able to recycle and dispose acordingly and with a consideration of our planet. We take Recycling very seriusly and we care deeply about our enviroment. If you are using our skip to dispose houshold items we welcome you to dispose all of them in the same skip and we will sort it out once it has been taken away from your property.


Plasterboard is widely recyclable and we are happy to take it away for you. If you require a skip which will contain more than 40% plasterboard please get in touch with us so we can arrange correct paperwork in advance and discuss your need further

Green waste

If you are looking to hire a skip for green waste only, it's best to give us a call, as we can offer you a better price than a general waste disposal price, providing waste in the skip will be clean green waste (no other than shrubs, tree cuttings etc) Our office is open Monday- Saturday 01206890997